Finding Happiness

For most my life I’ve been striving for the “next” thing.  Whether it was the next grade in school, graduation, my first teaching contract, or my first library.  At 38, currently out of the traditional workforce and at home with my daughters, I am finding peace and happiness.  Years ago I daydreamed about having two beautiful daughters, a kind husband, a thriving writing career and living on the water somewhere.  Just the other day I realized, I’m here.  I may not exactly have a “thriving” writing career; but, I am thriving as a writer and living as close to the water as our current economics will allow.  My daughters, although not the beaming, smiling blond little angels I imagined; are even more perfect and more beautiful with their lust for life and mischief.  I’m trying to live more in the moment by seeing the world through their eyes and when I do, I’m blown away by how we truly make our own happiness.

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