“Writing is the easy part…”

It’s been about three months since I decided to actually put pen to paper with the intent to publish.  In that time, I have started six children’s stories and have two ready to publish.  Maybe it’s because I am in the infancy of my new career or I am highly caffeinated, but I’m finding that the writing is the easy part.  The ideas keep streaming in and I can barely keep up with writing them all down.

I have put my heart on my sleeve and have submitted my first story to peers to read, suggest edits, and give open, honest feedback.  I thought THAT would be the hardest part, being that I am opening up my writing to criticism.  Oddly enough, I found it invigorating.  Either I have grown thicker skin since my days at Simon Fraser University or I have done a better first draft than even I expected.

The hard part, I am finding, is the decision of how to publish.  Do I take an easy route with Amazon’s Createspace and find another publisher for my hard cover editions?  Do I find a way to publish both with the same publisher like BookBaby or First Choice or ???? The choices seem endless!  I’ll keep you posted as to what I decide.  Until then…..write on, my friends……